Meet Australia’s First Sparkling Mushroom Elixirs and Body Build and Body Repair Blends

Teelixir Expands with TLXR: Introducing Australia’s First Sparkling Mushroom Elixirs and Body Build and Body Repair Blends

Melbourne, Victoria — Teelixir is proud to announce an exciting extension to our brand with TLXR, set to revolutionize the health and wellness market. TLXR introduces Australia’s first Sparkling Mushroom Elixirs and two innovative blends: Body Build and Body Repair.

TLXR Debuts at Gold Coast Asics Expo

To mark this momentous launch, TLXR will be exhibiting at the Gold Coast Asics Expo. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to experience our new elixirs and blends, and learn about the incredible benefits of Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms.

Exclusive TLXR Launch Party on the Gold Coast

We are thrilled to host an exclusive TLXR Launch Party on the Gold Coast to celebrate the debut of our unique product range. The event will feature product demonstrations, wellness workshops, and the chance to meet our team, including our Managing Director, Peter Orpen.

Team TLXR at the Gold Coast Marathon

Demonstrating our commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, our Managing Director Peter Orpen and his wife will be running in the Gold Coast Marathon as Team TLXR. They will be joined by our three competition winners, showcasing the strength and vitality that TLXR products are designed to support.

About TLXR Products

  • Sparkling Mushroom Elixirs: These innovative beverages come in four delicious flavors: Blackcurrant, Rose, Lemon Myrtle, and Mandarin. Each 250 ml serve contains 1775 mg of potent mushrooms, offering a daily dose of Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane to enhance energy, mental clarity, and overall vitality. The elixirs are sugar-free, and the Rose flavor is caffeine-free for a calming, refreshing alternative.

  • Body Build Blend: Designed to support muscle growth and recovery, this blend is perfect for those looking to enhance their physical performance and strength.

  • Body Repair Blend: Ideal for post-workout recovery, this blend helps to repair and rejuvenate the body, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Visit Us at the Gold Coast Asics Expo

We invite all wellness enthusiasts and expo attendees to visit our booth at the Gold Coast Asics Expo. Experience the future of health and wellness with TLXR and join us in celebrating our launch.

For More Information:

Kharmen Louwrens
Sales & Marketing Executive
0460 292 739

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