Teelixir is proudly an Australian company and offers Australia's first Certified Organic Medicinal Mushrooms, along with premium Ancient Chinese Tonic Herbs, Adaptogens, and Superfood Blends to boost your health and performance.

At Teelixir, we’re continually aspiring to bring only the most natural superfood products that support, optimize, and upgrade the health of the human body, increase energy and performance, so you can get on with conquering your day and fulfilling your deepest dreams and desires.

We are dedicated to sourcing the world’s cleanest, and most potent, organic herbal ingredients. It's what we do best.


Teelixir is a successful brand, with several award-winning superfood & medicinal mushrooms & adaptogens and related products retailing in some of the best health stores, health practioners and pharmacies.

All Teelixir products are researched extensively before going into the production phase and certainly before hitting the shelves.

We seek guidance from market trends, social media trends and feedback from Natural Practioners.

Pure and potent products that work or your money back.

No more fads, or jumping pill bottles, just real superfoods that promote abundant health and well-being, just for you. It's what you and your customers deserve.

Quality Authentic Sources

From our small family farms to our organic supply chain partners, we only source the most effective, sustainable, nutrient dense superfoods and "Di-Tao" tonic herbal products from across the world.

All of our tonic herbs, mushrooms, and adaptogens are sustainably wild harvested, with respect to, and abiding by the fundamental concept of "Di Tao” sourcing in Chinese herbalism. Di Tao means “Earth Tao” or in Chinese, “authentic source.” All of our herbal ingredients come directly from their original growing source, the pristine high mountain ranges, far from any cities or industrial pollution.

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